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tonno coverI’ll be the first to admit that a nice chrome plate tool box is a hand and not unattractive addition to any truck. If you have tools and you have a truck, one of those is almost a mandatory addition to your  truck’s features.

But for pure unadulterated, good looking finishing touches on your ride, it is hard to beat a black roll up truck bed cover. Of  course a case could be made for one of those hard fiberglass jobbies, but they really don’t look much better, they don’t work as well for most things, and they are even more expensive than the toll up or tri fold options. And those are expensive enough.

But whoever said that good looks come cheap. Just ask your girlfriend what she spends on makeup or that “simple” black dress that you think she looks so good in.

The roll up cover has the advantage of being all around useful. It keeps your truck bed covered so things are out of the weather. It keeps your truck looking clean, since all of the things that a guy would tend to have cluttering up the box of his truck are hidden out of the way. And it rolls up to allow full access to the bed for when you need to haul stuff that won’t fit below the truck sides, which is a lot of stuff if you are busy actually doing things on a regular basis.

Anyway, that’s just one person’s opinion. And opinions are like… well, you know. But it is the opinion of  a worldly and particularly discerning truck owner. So take it under advisement.

Cool, Tools

Every guy ought to own one. I’m already assuming that any man who is intent on hanging on to his man card already owns a chop saw. I mean that they own a miter saw, not one of those 14 inch abrasive cut off saws you keep in your garage for cutting metal pieces whenever you happen to have the need.

Though you really should have one of those too.

chop saw tools for guysI mean a chop saw – a ten or twelve inch miter saw you can put a 40 tooth blade in and make cuts on trim, or deck boards, or any other piece of wood you need to fit with another. Though you probably have a simple ten inch saw, you really should consider getting yourself a 12 inch slider. The things you can do with one are really eye opening. A good slider can take the place of a radial arm saw, a table saw for certain things, a router for cutting dados, and any number of other things you might be creative enough to use one for.

But once you get to the point where you have invested in a good miter saw, especially a twelve inch, you will not be able to do your best work if you have to keep getting up and down off the floor to do it. You need to get yourself a portable chop saw station or stand so that you can make effective use of the tool. And why even own a tool designed to help you do your best work unless you are willing to get the other aids that will actually allow you to do your best work.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a permanent woodshop set up (and who is?) then you will have to store your saw away when you’re not using it. That means that you will have to drag it out any  time you want to use it. In that case you will probably want to have a collapsible miter saw stand that you can use to set it on then you need to use it.  A good portable miter saw station will fold up into a small enough package where it, too, can be stored out of the way when not in use.

If you aren’t planning on using your saw anywhere else, and if you are not a contractor, then you probably don’t need a collapsing wheeled stand. In fact that is likely to be exactly the unit you don’t need, because a stand that has the miter saw permanently attached to it is unlikely to fold up into a small enough, or light enough, package to be able to store so that it doesn’t get in the way of  the every day things you need to use the space for. Like storing your every day driver.

So there you have it. You need a miter saw station if you  are going to get the best out of your miter saw, and if it is your only option, your best bet is to get a portable chop saw station.

So for all those reasons and more, you need to get yourself a stand to use with your saw. Support tools are a must for your good tools. You are enough of a guy to understand that, are you not? And if not, why not.

Maybe you should just move along. I hear there’s a new Victoria’s Secret open at the mall.

Rambling, Tools, Trucks

A guy comes to his love of tools honestly. He gets it from his dad, he gets it hanging out with his buddies working on cars and wishing that he could afford good tools to make things easier.

One comes to desire things by being the one looking through the window wanting what he can’t have. rat rodSo every time he has to use a crescent wrench or a vice grip on something that should be handled by a full complement of sockets, or has to use a screwdriver in place of a scraper or a pry bar, or time an engine by ear instead of with a timing light, the desire becomes stronger. And eventually that desire begins to attach admiration for the utility and even the beauty of tools as objects in and of themselves, beyond their simple function.

And then, once a collection of tools has reached a certain size, there comes the long dormant (or not so dormant) desire for the object that started the whole cycle in the first place. A custom vehicle to use all those pretty tools on.

It seems that most of the automobiles a guy covets are the ones he learned to want when he was young. Often this means being fixated on the coolest car in his high school, or at least the coolest car around when he was that  age. And depending how long ago that age was, rehabbing that car of choice can be a considerable undertaking.

Time and effort will be required.

And maybe new tools.


Back when I was a lad, I always had a thing for tools. Maybe like my friends had a thing for heavy equipment. (Those guys, by the way, grow up to be the happiest guys ever. They get to play with big trucks.)

Any way, now that I have grown, I still have a thing for tools, only now I don’t have to just dream. I can actually have tools. Maybe not all the ones I would like to have (how could I ever), but at least most of the ones I need and many of the ones I covet.

Now for some reason, I have a desire to share my stuff with the world. So I think I will try and see if I can do that on some sort of consistent basis. In the past that has not necessarily been the case.

A couple of things that I really like to do with my hobby time is work on my vehicles and build things out of wood. The fact that I have to build things on my day job doesn’t seem to affect my desire to own woodworking tools, though at times it does affect my desire to do things out in the garage with them. The automotive tools I do not use, but I am similarly not always very motivated to use them

One of the great things about tools, though, is that if you have an excuse to buy one, you will eventually find a situation where having it is just the thing you need. Kind of like having bolts around.

I always like to have a selection of bolts around. That doesn’t seem to pay, except when it does. You might buy a hundred bolts and nuts and washers and just sit on them, sometimes for years. Seems like a waste, until that one Sunday afternoon when you find out you have to have one for a repair after the store has closed.

Then. Then is when you realize how wise you are.

Be back soon.